How An Attorney Will Help You With Administrative Driver’s License Suspensions


In Alabama, when you get arrested for DUI, other than the obvious criminal charge of DUI, administrative driver’s license suspensions are the other major problem that you should be concerned with. This means that you need to get an attorney who is well conversant with both matters so that you can get the best legal advice and help. What usually happens is, even before your trial on the DUI case, your driver’s license will be suspended. Your license can be suspended for various reasons, you may have failed the breath test which indicated that your alcohol level was too high, or, the law enforcers may say that you refused to take the breath test.

How long will your license be suspended?

Normally administrative driver’s license suspensions vary from as low as 90 days or may continue for up to 5 years, depending on the offense. What you will need is a good attorney who can secure a hearing where you can have a chance to contest your administrative driver’s license suspension. However, between the date of your arrest and the date of your hearing, you will have only ten days to work everything out. If your request is granted, the suspension will not commence until after the hearing date for your DUI offense. On the other hand, if your request is denied, your attorney can still help you file an appeal to the circuit court in the county where you got arrested.

Your Administrative Driver’s License Suspension and DUI are Totally Separate

The administrative driver’s license suspensions and your DUI case are completely separate and different criminal courts will listen to your different cases. You have to find a good attorney in Alabama who will reduce the length of your administrative driver’s license suspension and at the same time assist you in the DUI charge. You should not underestimate the consequences of losing your license since this may cause major havoc in your life. It is possible to lose your job as a result, and negotiating with the prosecutors may be a big challenge. If your attorney can prove that you are a reliable employee who will deal with the whole situation appropriately, you may reduce the effects of the charges you are facing.

The Law Regarding Administrative Driver’s License Suspensions

This law was enacted to get rid of all drivers who use the roads while in a state of possible impaired judgement. This law applies to both first time offenders and repeat offenders meaning that the consequences may be different. No matter what charges you are faced with in Alabama, it is crucial you get an experienced attorney who will help you get your administrative driver’s license suspension back and also help you deal with the DUI charges.