You have received the dreaded notification from your employer that they are going to file a complaint against you with the Alabama Board of Nursing. Or you may have received

the dreaded notice of investigation letter from an investigator with the Alabama State Board of Nursing. Both of those actions are very stressful for you as a nurse, whether a RN, LPN, nurse practitioner, or a nurse anesthetist. The worst thing you can do is pretend it is not happening or ignore it or try to handle it on your own.

We have represented clients before the Alabama Board of Nursing for more than the last decade. We have the knowledge and the experience and the training to help you as you move through a very unique and serious process with very serious consequences.  If you are an Alabama nurse and you are under investigation or a complaint has been filed against you, you need an Alabama Board of Nursing Defense Lawyer or an Alabama Professional Board Defense Attorney.

The general consensus among nurses out there, and falsely so, is that if you get a lawyer then the board will think you are guilty, or they will make it worse on you. This could not be further from the truth, and you can see below that the board actually recommends that you get a lawyer.


The board has a lawyer who prosecutes their cases, so it would make absolutely no sense for you not to have a lawyer as well. You need someone who can go through the process with you and explain things to you and make sure that you have a clear understanding as to the consequences and as to what you are doing as you move through the process. You need to make sure to what has been somewhat customary for years and years and go into this process without a lawyer. Do not listen to your friends who are nurses who have been disciplined in the past, and do not listen to people who have an interest adversarial to yours. You need a lawyer working on your case who is working for you. We can help you with that, and we are here for you.


Our advice to you is not to do anything at all regarding your Alabama Board of Nursing without first retaining a lawyer. Do not talk to the investigator with the board of nursing. Do not meet with the legal nurse consultant. Do not speak to or meet with any representative of the board, or the board attorney.

We don’t tell you these things because we think the people from the board are bad people or they are out to get you or that they have some ulterior motive. That is not the point at all. We have had an ongoing working relationship with the people at the Alabama Board of Nursing for many years now. The reason we tell you these things is because you need a lawyer involved who can help you frame the issue and present information in a way that is favorable to you. There is an investigation that has to go on and has to be completed, and we understand that, and information will be provided. However, you need to have control over what information you provide, and you need legal guidance in order to know the ins and outs of what you should provide to the Alabama Court of Nursing.

You may be guilty of what they are alleging happened. That is okay because through an investigation, whether a board conducted investigation or our investigation that we will conduct with you, all of those facts that are relevant will come to light and will have to be worked through. Having a license to practice nursing in the state of Alabama is not a right. It is a privilege. You can lose that privilege if you violate the Alabama Nurse Practice Act or if you violate the Alabama Administrative Code and those violations call for discipline. Hiring a lawyer in a situation like this is not so that the lawyer can go in and play smoke and mirrors and try to make it look like what the board is alleging did not happen. That is not how this process goes, and you need to understand that.

Do not try to handle your Alabama Board of Nursing matter on your own. It will cause you much greater stress and much greater confusion and issues going forward if you try to do it on your own rather than having legal council to help you.

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All you have to do to begin the process with us is call our office at 866-348-2889 or you can send us a message in Facebook, you can send us an email, or fill out the Contact Us form, or send us a text message. We are here for you, and we are here to answer your questions about any investigation or complaint that may have been filed against you with the Alabama Board of Nursing.