If you are an Alabama pharmacist or pharmacy technician and you are currently being investigated or currently have charges pending before the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy, we can help. Call us today.  You need an Alabama Board of Pharmacy Defense Lawyer.

Similarly, other lawyers can help you to assist your professional problem.


We know the feeling. You are an Alabama pharmacist or an Alabama pharmacy technician licensed by the Board and you have received notification that your license is under investigation or an investigator has contacted you and asked you to sign certain documents and paperwork and possibly even surrender your license. Do not do anything as it relates to the Alabama Board of Pharmacy without first hiring a lawyer. The Board of Pharmacy has a lawyer and you should as well. Do not try to go through the disciplinary process with the Alabama Board of Pharmacy without proper and competent and experienced legal counsel.



You worked too hard to obtain your Alabama license to practice pharmacy as a pharmacist or a technician to not to take a complaint against your license or charges being filed very seriously. If you do not take these charges or the investigation seriously and obtain legal counsel up front so that you can effectively fight the charges against you and defend the charges against you then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

The Alabama State Board of Pharmacy is not out to get you. Many Alabama pharmacist and technicians have the misconception that the Board is somehow working against them. The Alabama Board of Pharmacy has many goals and many obligations the number one of which is to protect the public. Any time there is a complaint made it has to be investigated and the necessary people within the Board make decisions about how to proceed. You need someone on your side that has the knowledge and the experience that can help you on how you should proceed. If you do nothing and you simply walk through the process without a lawyer there are certain things that you may or may not be aware of that could cause you trouble in the future.

The Board administrative process as it relates to a pharmacy license or a technician license in Alabama is much different than the process that is familiar to most people through the criminal justice system. These two processes have very few similarities and if they are treated the same bad things can happen as it relates to your license. The license that you have to practice pharmacy in the state of Alabama is a privilege not a right. Therefore, that privilege can be taken away from you have violated the pharmacy practice act or Alabama law that provides for discipline.

The worst thing that you can do is to do nothing and simply think that the case or the issue or the Board problem will just go away. That is not going to happen and that is a terrible strategy for your Alabama Board of Pharmacy situation. All you have to do to begin the conversation with us about your pharmacy case is call our office or send us a message in Facebook or you can send us an email or send us a text message. We are here to help and here to discuss your Alabama Board of Pharmacy situation with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.