Alabama Car Tag Violations are a breach of traffic laws and vehicles with these violations are illegal to drive on the roads. Such violations can result in the driver of the vehicle receiving tickets and fines. The basic principles of car tag violations stems from the laws governing car owners. The very basic needs for car tags are simple and straight forward. Specifically: Alabama Car Tag Violations should be valid and plainly visible. It should be fixed to the car in the appropriate place and in a way that is not blocked by anything else. All the figures and letters on the plate should be clearly visible as well as any other identifying symbols. To prevent an Alabama car tag violation, this means cleaning and checking the plates periodically to ensure they do not have any dirt, filth, or debris. The state of Alabama is one of the 19 states that allows cars with only rear tags unless a visiting car owner drives his or her car into another state boundary. Having said this, some states have forbidden the trading of plastic concealment for car tag protection, as they might cause a glare or reflection that could be risky for other motorists.

In the state of Alabama car tag violations normally result in a traffic ticket. In some states, violations of car tag provisions are generally termed as “fix-it” tickets. These traffic tickets mean that the motorist still has the opportunity to walk away free without any charges against the prevailing violation with the condition that they repair the license plate in a well-timed fashion. Since many vehicles cross into Alabama, a violation of a car tag provision in other states can go together with a fine, normally from $100 to$200. Recurrence of offenses can give rise to serious penalties, such as bigger fines or suspension of driving rights.

In a few occasions, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) might demand the driver to surrender their car tags. This openly implies that the driver will never be permitted to drive that specific car. This normally takes place when the driver has no capacity to provide evidence of insurance for their car. If the DMV demands that a driver surrenders his or her car tag, this should be adhered to immediately. This may include getting rid of any parts used for fixing the license plate such as frames, bolts, screws and other accessories. Failure to surrender car tags once demanded to do so could lead to a suspended driver’s license as well as revoked registration.

If you have been charged with an Alabama car tag violation, consider getting in touch with an experienced traffic attorney. Having appropriate license plates is a prerequisite for driving not only in the state of Alabama, but in all states, and car tag violations can result in severe punishments.

32-6-51 Rear tags required

Every motor vehicle operator who operates a motor vehicle upon any city street or other public highway of or in this state shall at all times keep attached and plainly visible on the rear end of such motor vehicle a license tag or license plate as prescribed and furnished by the Department of Revenue at the time the owner or operator purchases his license.

Anyone violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be punished by fine not exceeding $500.00 and, in addition thereto, shall be prohibited from driving a motor vehicle in Alabama for a period of not less than 60 days nor more than six months.

32-6-52 Using license tag of improper classification

It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or operate any motor vehicle upon the streets or highways of this state, unless the license tag attached to the vehicle is of the proper classification as required by the revenue laws of this state. Any person violating this provision, upon conviction, shall be punished as provided in Section 32-5-311.

32-6-219 False statements, operating with expired tag

It shall be unlawful for any owner to make any false statement in making application for issuance of a temporary license tag and temporary registration certificate, or for any designated agent or manufacturer or dealer qualifying under Section 32-6-212 to issue a temporary license tag or temporary registration certificate with knowledge of such false statement, or for any person to operate a motor vehicle upon the public roads of this state with a temporary license tag which has expired. Anyone violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished, upon conviction, by a fine of not more than $500.00 or by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by both.