Issues for your Alabama driver license lawyer has become a hot topic over the last few months. This is true because of the amendment to the DUI statute and the introduction and enforcement of the ignition interlock device. Although driving is still considered a privilege, the practical aspect in the state of Alabama and neighboring states throughout the country is that a driver license is a necessity to operate in states where public transportation is not a viable option. 

If you have a traffic ticket, a DUI charge, or a drug charge,issues concerning state, local or municipal law, if you do not handle the case properly and end up with a suspended drivers license and continue to drive and continue to get caught, you will end up in the unfortunate circumstance of many of our potential.

If you have an Alabama drivers license point suspension hearing upcoming or you got a letter in the mail indicating that your license is going to be suspended because of points, give us a call immediately. There are very stringent time limits that we must comply with.

If you have not had a drivers license in years related to Alabama’s DUI convictions or driving while suspended or driving while revoked, we want to talk to you about your license and your case.  Call our Alabama Driver License Lawyer today!  All you have to do to begin the conversation is give us a call. You can reach us at 

If you have received notice that you are under investigation. Click here.