We handle drug cases in the state of Alabama because we love people. The war on drugs has been wholly unsuccessful and a waste of billions of dollars. In many of our cases over the last few years, we are dealing with people who have very serious issues such as PTSD, mental health issues, terminal illness issues, and other legitimate reasons for why they are using marijuana. Others that we help are using marijuana recreationally and choose to use marijuana rather than drink alcohol. Know more information of Drug Laws. 

No matter what anyone’s personal views on marijuana may be it is illegal to posses and use in the state of Alabama currently. Because of that, anytime you are charged with that offense you must fight the charges vigorously and defend yourself. If you get arrested for one joint one time and are convicted and you are arrested again for another joint, you now have yourself a felony drug charge on your hands. The lifetime impact of a felony drug conviction is monumental to say the least. 

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