If you have an Alabama DUI charge pending, you need an Alabama DUI Lawyer that is serious about your defense. Many times you may feel as though you are factually guilty of the crime of driving under the influence but you might not have been impaired or proper procedure and protocol may not have been followed in your case. That is why you need to call us – Your Alabama DUI Lawyer or Drunk Driving Attorney – to give us the opportunity to talk to you and to evaluate your Alabama DUI charge.

The DUI Laws and DUI – DWI – Penalties Punishments for conviction for the charge of driving under the influence in Alabama are very severe. Recently on July 1, 2014, the law on DUI in Alabama changed again and even on a first DUI under some circumstance you could be required to have a ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle for a period of two years if convicted.  You need an Alabama DUI Lawyer!

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When you are arrested for driving under the influence or felony DUI, it is important to consult an experienced Alabama DUI lawyer. This is crucial since DUI charges can have a negative impact on your life. Contact us at Kreps Law Firm, LLC to learn more about DUI charges.