Nursing licenses may be declined for a wide variety of reasons. Initial applications may not fulfill all of the requirements for licensure. Renewal applicants may be behind on continuing education or other ongoing requirement. The more complicated cases involve individuals who have their application denied due to having lost it in the past, criminal activity, or incompetent fulfillment of duties on the job. Kreps Law Firm will help you submit a successful application for your nursing license following a denial in any one of these cases.

If you have been informed that you have not fulfilled the requirement to obtain your license, your denial should indicate where your application fell short. If you are uncertain why your application was denied or aren’t sure what to do to change the outcome, let Kreps Law Firm help. We specialize in helping clients obtain, maintain, and retain their nursing license in all circumstances.

When you apply for nursing licensure following a denial, your application must include evidence that you have resolved the issues that caused the denial. Include any documentation that you have that your application is complete to save yourself time and effort in gaining your license. The Nursing Board may choose to simply accept your application and issue your license, or they may determine that a hearing is necessary to review the application.

A hearing may be requested if the nursing license was previously lost due to criminal activity, serious violation of Nursing Code, or more evidence is needed to prove rehabilitation has occurred. Hearings may involve witnesses and additional evidence to support your application. This is a step where professional legal assistance is vitally important. Kreps Law Firm will save you time and money by resolving your application issues efficiently and effectively. The faster you get back to work, the more money you save. We know the ins and outs of the Nursing Code and how the Nursing Board operates, so that we can quickly guide your application to the desired end.

If you have previously lost your nursing license or allowed it to lapse, be prepared to establish your efforts at rehabilitation and your ability to work in the modern nursing industry. As much documentation as possible should be accumulated for this purpose, including certificates of completion for coursework, letters of recommendation, and proof that you have fulfilled Board licensing requirements.

Contact Kreps Law Firm today, and we will help you compile an application for your license that will meet each of the demands made by the Alabama Nursing Board. As an individual, it is easy to miss small details that can cause big delays in your application Kreps Law Firm will serve as your guide to ensure that your application is comprehensive and ready to be approved by the Nursing Board.

When you supply the Nursing Board with a high quality, complete application, you make their job easier and make the process more efficient. It is in their best interest and yours to have the application quickly approved and another skilled nurse at work in the state of Alabama.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.10