A board lapsed nursing license is one that is still on file with the State of Alabama but has not been maintained so far as annual dues and continuing education requirements. It may not have expired or been revoked, but is also not considered a full license that enables one to obtain work as a licensed nurse.

Sometimes nursing license holders allow their license to lapse due to financial hardship or the fact that they are no longer working in the nursing field. If you have allowed your license to lapse, it is possible to have it reinstated. Kreps Law Firm is happy to help you reach your goal of regaining your nursing license.

The State of Alabama has a specific application process for those who hold lapsed licenses. The process is similar to new applications, but you will want to make sure that you file the correct paperwork to have your license reinstated as promptly as possible. As experts in Alabama Nursing Code, Kreps Law Firm can assist you with the reinstatement process so that you can quickly return to your nursing career.

One of the most significant requirements of the board-lapsed license reinstatement is proof of continuing education. Often those who have not kept their license current have also not remained up to date on continuing education requirements. Therefore, you may be required to attend some courses before you are qualified to reapply. If you are uncertain about your education requirements for license reinstatement, contact Kreps Law Firm for an expert consultation on your reinstatement requirements.

Other documentation that you will need to include consists of information regarding licensure in other states, evidence of response to Board inquiries, and any other specific evidence requested by the Board. If there are no special documentation requirements that apply to you, there may not be any application additions in your case. Kreps Law Firm can review your license record and determine what is required for your reinstatement.

The Alabama Nursing Board may choose to reinstate your license on a probationary basis or with any form of limitations and restrictions that seem reasonable. If you have concerns about possible restrictions that may be imposed on your reinstated nursing license, let Kreps Law Firm be your advocate and guide. With experience in filing for reinstatement and negotiating with the Alabama Nursing Board, we can obtain a better outcome for your reinstatement than you could on your own. Our objective is to have you fully licensed with no limitations as soon as possible.


Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.12