Steps of Formal Disposition in a Contested Case

If you are disputing the findings of an Alabama Nursing Board investigation, you will be scheduled for an administrative hearing. Information regarding this hearing will be received at least 20 days before your hearing date. You may not have professional representation yet, but this is the time to obtain professional expertise to assist you through your case. Kreps Law Firm has the skill and dedication that you need to obtain the outcome you need at your Nursing Board hearing

The first step that can be taken on your behalf is filing a motion for dismissal. Kreps Law Firm has substantial experience in obtaining successful results from filing dismissal motions and will work tirelessly to minimize the work that you have to go through to settle your dispute. Having a case dismissed at this point is the best case scenario.

Pleadings, requests for subpoenas, and requests for continuances must be filed previous to the hearing date. Kreps Law Firm will ensure that the proper documents are completed and filed as the Nursing Board requires to ensure that problems do not arise due to noncompliance with Board requirements.

A Board hearing officer presides over the hearing, which is recorded and transcribed. Recordings used and evidence allowed are the jurisdiction of this hearing officer. Since Kreps Law Firm has experience with Nursing Board hearings, they are prepared to cope with each element of the case.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board hearing officer has the ability to dismiss the case, render a not guilty verdict, or move the case forward with a guilty verdict. In the case of a dismissal or not guilty verdict, your case is considered complete. Kreps Law Firm specializes in obtaining these favorable hearing outcomes for our clients who are participants in Nursing Board hearings and proceedings.

A guilty verdict at a Nursing Board hearing can have several outcomes. A wide variety of disciplinary actions can be taken. These range from actions that enable the respondent to keep their license, including reprimand, required continuing education, and completing a probation period, to immediate revocation of nursing license.

Kreps Law Firm is dedicated to helping you keep your nursing license and getting back to work after your favorable Nursing Board hearing. We understand that you have hours of hard work into gaining your nursing education and a dedication to your patients that should not be wasted. Our expert advisors want to see you succeed in the career that you have worked tirelessly to prepare for. With our guidance, you can complete the steps required for your Nursing Board hearing satisfactorily to obtain the outcome that you need.

If you are the respondent in a Alabama State Board of Nursing investigation, hearing, or disciplinary action, contact Kreps Law Firm today to find out how we can make our expertise on nursing code benefit you.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.07