What are the Grounds for Denial of Initial Licensure with the Alabama Board of Nursing?

Applying to the Alabama Board of Nursing for your nursing license should be the final step after you have completed the requirements for licensure. The basic requirements that must be completed before you can apply for your license include completing a nursing program, passing the state endorsed exam, and fulfilling license requirements. Don’t let those license requirements block your way to your new career after the time and effort that you have put into your nursing training.

It is a good idea to review the grounds for license denial before beginning your nursing training so that you can be prepared for what may be down the road. In some cases, you may even consider another career track. A nursing license in the state of Alabama can be denied for failing to complete an accredited nursing program, failing the licensure examination, or participating in fraud or deception on your application. For these reasons, you will want to be honest on your application. Even if your scores are stellar, a small misrepresentation can cause you to be denied your license.

Past illegal activity can affect the likelihood of application approval as well. Contact Kreps Law Firm today for a consultation regarding what types of activity may detrimentally affect your license application.

If you have been previously licensed and were a part of disciplinary action or dissatisfactory conduct, you may be denied an Alabama nursing license. Those who have served in the military can have their license denied based on court-martial activity or grounds for discharge. In both of these cases, the licensing board will evaluate what these previous issues reveal about your character and whether it indicates that nursing is not appropriate for you.

Finding yourself in a situation where your moral character is being judged, you can get help from Kreps Law Firm to set the record straight. If your past record is affecting your future, we will be your partner in demonstrating that you are able to move forward and excel in the nursing industry.

The final decision is made by the Board of Nursing. Depending on the nature and extent of past misdeeds, you can still be awarded your nursing license, especially if you have professional help in establishing your good character and ability to live up to the nursing code.

A monitoring agreement may be entered into in order for the Board of Nursing to further analyze your fitness for licensure. If this occurs, Kreps Law Firm will assist you in satisfactorily completing this agreement. Our objective is to clear your record and demonstrate your ability to perform well as a licensed nurse.

If you are considering a nursing career but have questions about incidents in your past and how they may affect your license application, contact Kreps Law Firm today. Being proactive about this can help smooth the path toward your new career.

If your license has been denied and you are hoping to reverse the Alabama State Board of Nursing decision, let Kreps Law Firm help. We want to see you successful in your new career.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.02