Have you recently been involved in an Alabama State Nursing Board hearing? If you have, there are three potential decisions that the hearing officer can make.

The hearing officer could dismiss the case entirely as having insufficient basis. This is a positive outcome for you, and the result that Kreps Law Firm will help you obtain when you become our client. Having the case against you dismissed establishes that there was not enough evidence for allegations to be brought forward in the first place.

The second possible outcome is a not guilty verdict. No need for explanation here. We’ve all watched enough court television shows to know that this means exoneration and rejoicing. The experienced attorneys at Kreps Law Firm will use their expertise of the nursing code and the legal system as a whole to obtain this favorable verdict for you. A not guilty verdict enables you to return to work and continue your career without a blemish upon your record.

The final, and most complicated, verdict that can be rendered by the hearing officer is that of guilty. If you have been found guilty in a Nursing Board hearing, you still have the opportunity to improve your position and receive a more lenient reprimand. Though extreme punitive measures, such as irreversible revocation of your nursing license, are possible, lesser sentences are likely.

Common disciplinary actions include probation, continuing education, suspension, and fines. You can be fined no more than $1,000 per violation by the Nursing Board hearing officer, but this can become a substantial amount quickly if multiple violations are involved. Kreps Law Firm is devoted to obtaining the most favorable sentence possible, even if you have been found guilty of the allegations against you. Compared to the cost of the potential loss of your license or large violation fines, the investment in professional representation is priceless.

Board decisions are communicated in the form of an Order, which is sent to the respondent but is also public information. This publication of hearing outcomes makes it essential that you have expert assistance in keeping your record in good order. For the sake of your future and career in nursing, it is in your best interest to have a trained lawyer working for your benefit.

In some instances, Nursing Board decisions may come under judicial review in the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama. If this type of appeal is appropriate in your case, Kreps Law Firm will guide you through the process and advocate for you with a convincing and professional presentation of your case. The appellate process requires technical legal knowledge, and Kreps Law Firm is prepared to be your partner in clearing your record.

If your case has already been adjudicated and your license revoked, contact Kreps Law Firm for a consultation. Would you love to work in nursing again? Let us help you work toward license reinstatement and get your career back on track.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.07