What to do if you are involved in an Alabama Nursing Board Investigation?

Finding yourself as the subject of an Alabama Nursing Board investigation can be confusing and scary if you do not have a professional on your side. Not only can the outcome of the investigation interfere with your current job, it can affect your entire future career. Don’t go into it alone. Kreps Law Firm will be the expert on your side to get the positive outcome that you need from your Nursing Board investigation.

Nursing Board investigations are opened in response to disclosures that a licensed nurse has violated one or more statutes of the Nursing Code. This may be in response to a written complaint or disclosure that is brought to the Board’s attention. You should contact Kreps Law Firm as soon as you are aware of an investigation that involves you to optimize your probability of a desirable outcome.

A Nursing Board investigation involves an officer taking a detailed look at complaints to determine what Nursing Code statutes are involved and may have been violated. If they discover grounds for disciplinary proceedings, the investigation moves forward in that direction. Kreps Law Firm will help you to satisfactorily handle an investigation to avoid it becoming disciplinary action.

The officer investigating an allegation will be most concerned with the effect on public health, patient safety, and overall well-being of all involved. If they determine that nothing warranting disciplinary action has occurred, they will close the file on the investigation without further action. This is the outcome that Kreps Law Firm will assist you in obtaining in any Nursing Board investigation that you may become involved in. We will be your advocate and guide throughout the process.

Be aware that investigation files can be reopened at any time. Therefore, it is essential that your investigation be handled by a professional. If the record is brought up again at a later date, you can rest assured that Kreps Law Firm will have ensured that matters were handled as advantageously as possible, giving future investigations no evidence that could support a future claim.

If you are involved in an Alabama State Board of Nursing investigation, the most important step that you can take is procuring an expert on your side. Kreps Law Firm understands the detail of Nursing Code and how to best represent you and your interests throughout the investigation. For the sake of your current job and your future career, it is not only worthwhile, it is essential that you have experts like Kreps Law Firm at your side.


Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.04