Do I Need an Alabama Nurse Defense Lawyer?

Alabama State Board of Nursing Investigation

An Alabama Nursing Board investigation may be opened for a wide variety of reasons. Most begin in response to a complaint received regarding a nursing licensee, but they can also be based upon information brought to their attention in other ways, such as licensee self-disclosure. If you are involved in an Alabama Nursing Board investigation, Kreps Law Firm is your partner and your Alabama Nurse Defense Lawyer that will help you with a plan and process to enable you the best opportunity for success and to obtain a positive outcome for you.

Possible outcomes of Nursing Board investigations include three options. Kreps Law Firm is dedicated to gaining the optimal outcome for you, which involves a dismissal of the complaint. A letter of closure will be received in this case, alerting you to the fact that the file is being closed. A letter of admonishment may also be received without additional disciplinary action involved.

Alabama State Board of Nursing InvestigationA second possibility is that the license holder being investigated decides to voluntarily surrender their license. This is certainly the simplest result for the Alabama State Board of Nursing, but it is not the choice that Kreps Law Firm encourages you to take. Surrendering your license without completing the process forfeits your nursing career without a fight. Let us help you consider your options.

Finally, the investigation can result in the commencement of disciplinary action based on the wrongdoing discovered through the investigation. Disciplinary proceedings can have a wide array of results. Simply because your case reaches this stage does not mean that you have no hope for your nursing future. Kreps Law Firm will be there to guide you through the process, and we are devoted to gaining the best possible outcome for you.

Alabama State Board of Nursing Investigation

The results of disciplinary proceedings may involve fines, continuing education, rehabilitation, suspension, or license revocation. Kreps Law Firm works with you to obtain the result that keeps you working, maintains your license, and protects your future. If you have received correspondence regarding an Alabama State Board of Nursing investigation, contact Kreps Law Firm without delay for the greatest possibility of retaining your nursing license and job status.

Our nursing clients appreciate our expertise and attention to detail that helps them obtain a positive result from the Nursing Board much more often than if they experienced investigation proceedings on their own. Contact us to discover how we can help you.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.05