Alabama Pharmacists are held to a high standard when it comes to the Alabama Pharmacy Board Code of Professional Conduct. Besides an overall professional manner, the Pharmacy Code sets regulations regarding communication, confidentiality, and public health and safety. The experienced lawyers at Kreps Law Firm are here to help you in understanding the Alabama Pharmacy Code of Professional Conduct.

If you have been accused of violating any portion of the Professional Code of Conduct, Kreps Law Firm can help you maintain your reputation and your license. Let us assist and guide you in any interactions or hearings with the Alabama Pharmacy Board to ensure a successful result.

The Pharmacy Professional Code of Conduct is intended to protect patients above all. Since pharmacists have the power to dispense powerful medications, this role must be carefully monitored. Licensed pharmacists are expected to have completely professional relationships and communication with patients and medical professionals, with public health and safety being their top priority.

The Alabama Pharmacy Board may deem that a Code of Conduct violation has occurred if poor quality drugs are knowingly dispensed, professional judgment is impaired, or the law is not upheld in all matters. Patient confidentiality is essential to professionalism as a pharmacist. Disclosure of patient information is strictly forbidden if authorization has not been given. Holding themselves to the highest standard of integrity, pharmacists are to be honest and demonstrate integrity at all times.

Pharmacists are not to suggest drugs based on any financial benefit that they might receive, but are only to counsel patients as regards what is best for their health and well being. Financial inducements should also not be provided to patients to encourage them to consider certain medicine or pharmacies. Any of these actions could be considered unprofessional conduct that violates the Pharmacy Board Code.

If you have received notification from the Alabama Pharmacy Board for a possible Code of Conduct violation, contact Kreps Law Firm. As specialists in Alabama Pharmacy Board Code, we are able to guide you through the steps you must take to protect your reputation and your pharmacist license. Proper communication and appearances at Alabama Pharmacy Board hearings will help your board action to be dismissed with your license intact.

Never ignore a notice from the Pharmacy Board. If you are not sure what steps to take, let Kreps Law Firm help. We understand the Pharmacy Board Code and are devoted to helping you retain your license.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 680-X-2-.22.