Q: Can you help me even if I am guilty?

A: Without getting into specific details, Kreps Law Firm, LLC forces the prosecution to conform to proper procedures, and to meet its burden of proof. By doing so, opportunities and pressures are created for the case to get dismissed or settled in a way that protects your driving record. For example, we will examine your traffic ticket for the kinds of defects and errors which require that the case be dismissed. However, before you incur the expense of trial preparation and an actual trial, you will be hiring us to speak with the prosecutor and other parties involved to resolve your case by agreement. Our number 1 goal in all traffic violation cases is to prevent a conviction from appearing on your driving record.

After receiving a ticket, it is best to hire us as soon as possible. Otherwise, without realizing it, you may do something that increases your chances of getting a better result, such as waiving one or more of your rights, or hurting our negotiating position by “taking care” of one or more violations while leaving another violation unresolved.

Q: Why should I hire Kreps Law Firm, LLC instead of representing myself for a ticket?

A: You get excellent legal representation and reduce the time spent at the courthouse, eliminate unnecessary trips to the courthouse, eliminate anxiety and hassle, and you increase your chances of a favorable outcome. This is why most lawyers who do not regularly practice in this area, including criminal lawyers, hire their own Alabama traffic ticket attorneys. Because of our specialized knowledge of the law and procedures, and familiarity with judges, police, prosecutors and court personnel, lawyers know that traffic ticket attorneys such as Kreps Law Firm, LLC, dramatically increase the chances of a favorable outcomes.

Q: I am from out of state. How can I hire Kreps Law Firm, LLC?

A: Many of our clients are from out of state and received a traffic citation while traveling through Alabama. We can help you even if you are from out of state and can generally handle your case without you having to appear in Court in Alabama. Call us TODAY at (866) 359-0801 for your free initial consultation and find out exactly what we can do to resolve your case.

Q: A Warrant has been issued for my arrest because I failed to appear in Court. What can you do for me?

A: In most cases, we can have a warrant for your arrest for your failure to appear recalled as soon as possible. We will also either appear in Court for you or remind you of upcoming court dates to reduce the risk of getting a warrant for your arrest again. Time is of the essence when you have outstanding warrants so please contact us TODAY! (866) 359-0801.

Q: I have a Commercial Driver’s License and drive a big truck for a living. What can you do for me?

A: When commercial drivers are convicted of Alabama traffic violations, it can be devastating to their job and livelihood. If you have a Commercial Driver’s License and are convicted of speeding, running a red light, or driving any motor vehicle in Alabama-even your personal car-while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or if you are stopped while in possession of a controlled substance, you could lose your license for an extended time period. For multiple offenses, you could be permanently disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle.

Q: I am guilty. Shouldn’t I just take a defensive driving course?

A: The State of Alabama treats traffic violations differently from many other states in that Alabama traffic violations are criminal in nature. As a result, there is no guaranteed right to attend defensive driving school to have your case dismissed. Defensive driving school must be negotiated for and many times the decision is left entirely up to the Judge in the case. Defensive driving is a very important option to consider and you need an experienced traffic defense attorney to assist you throughout the process. Many Judges have rules regarding attendance at an Alabama defensive driving course which is why you need an attorney to negotiate the best deal possible for you.  Too many times will lose the privilege to use it again as most Judges will ask you whether you have attended in the past if you get another traffic ticket in the future. You must consider the following questions: What will you do if you get another moving violation in the next year? If this process is not completed in the required form and time frame because of procrastination or failure to do so, you can wind up having to go back to court again. Therefore, a lot of time will have been wasted and a conviction goes on your driving record anyway.

Q: Since I am guilty, shouldn’t I just pay the ticket?


Paying the traffic ticket results in a conviction on your driving record. If you pay the ticket and plead guilty, you have a 100% chance that a conviction will appear on your driving record. By hiring the Alabama traffic defense attorneys of Kreps Law Firm, LLC, you increased your chances significantly that your driving record will remain clean. Any moving violation convictions will likely cause your car insurance premiums to rise drastically. You may also encounter suspension of your driver’s license when faced with many convictions of the same type by the Alabama Department of Public Safety, or the similar government agency in your jurisdiction. Another penalty you may incur is paying annual surcharges to keep your driving privileges. In some cases, even if you are guilty or if you are not eligible for defensive driving, we can keep moving violations off of your driving record.

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