Realize That You Have a Choice

At, we realize that you have a choice in how you will want to handle a legal issue in Alabama. Take the time to evaluate your specific situationKreps-Begin-Conversation-300x67 and determine what the best course of action is for you. If you are interested in beginning that conversation with us, all you have to do is send us a message via email or Facebook, or call our office.

In the last decade, Kreps Law Firm has solved thousands of cases in Alabama. We know that legal trouble can be a big headache for anyone, so we take every case seriously. We are obliged to represent you, but we cannot and will not guarantee you a result up front. Some Alabama attorneys act unethically and violate the law by guaranteeing certain case results and even offering money-back guarantees if they do not win your criminal case. These actions directly violate the Alabama rules of professional responsibility and the law.

Kreps Law has extensive experience in taking on cases that require much clean-up of other lawyers’ messes. Though we cannot guarantee a specific result, we can guarantee that we will work hard to ensure you have a fair trial. If you’re still unsure about our services, please take a look at over 100 five-star client reviews, where actual clients have taken the time to go in and post about their experience with our office.

We Think Differently…And Our Results Prove It

Kreps possible sign for beginning the conversationAs a law firm in the state of Alabama that represents people who have been charged with drunk driving, DUIs, speeding tickets, traffic offenses, and reckless driving, we understand that certain cases are inherently difficult. Some difficult cases include clients with terrible driving records, high breath test results, or animosity toward a police officer.

At Kreps Law Firm, we do not shy away from these type cases. In fact, we welcome difficult cases and we desire to help the people who need help the most. We are used to getting clients who have heard from other lawyers that their cases are useless. This is the worst advice that a lawyer could give on the front end of a case, without having gone through the facts of the case. No case out there is hopeless; there is always something that can be done, whether at the lower court level in municipal or district court, or whether at the circuit court level.

Do Not Listen To Those Lawyers

A Kreps conversation is a Win Win Solution

You should be skeptical of a lawyer who is willing to guarantee, or even insinuate to you, that he or she can get your case dismissed when he or she really doesn’t know anything about you, your case, your history, or your prosecutor. You should also be skeptical of a lawyer who gets angry whenever you call his or her office. If a lawyer tells you up front that nothing can be done, then you obviously should be very skeptical. There is always something that can be done in any case, even if that includes litigating the case to the fullest extent and having a trial. Do not give up or lose hope. Do not sell yourself short in the defense of your case.

All you have to do to begin the conversation with our office is call us at 866-348-2889. Send us a message on Facebook, email us through our Contact Us form, or send us a text message. We are fully accessible and available to discuss your case with you and to answer your questions.

Our Life and Mission

Many lawyers get involved in criminal defense practice because they think they can make a lot of money doing it. For others, it’s because they don’t know how to do anything else. At Kreps Law Firm, it is different.

As you can see from the hundreds of reviews about us online, we do what we do because we understand that people make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes lead people to getting a traffic ticket, DUI charge, drug offense, or a shoplifting charge. Every person is entitled to a vigorous and zealous defense of the facts, FSCPS, and the witnesses against them.

That is where we come in. If you have been charged with a crime in Alabama, join our mission. We are the law firm for you. We love people, love to help people, and would love to help you. All you have to do to begin the conversation is pick up the phone.