The Alabama Pharmacy Board Code has designated continuing education requirements for every licensed pharmacist in the state. What are the continuing education requirements for Alabama pharmacists? In order to biennially renew their license, pharmacists must complete at least fifteen hours of Board approved coursework each calendar year. Continuing education classes should be approved before participation. ACPE approved courses do not require additional approval to qualify as pharmacist continuing education credit.

Though three of the fifteen hours must be in the form of live instruction courses, the remainder may be any platform. Video, written publication, or online format coursework may be combined to meet the fifteen hour continuing education requirement. If more than fifteen hours of continuing education credit are earned in a single calendar year, up to twelve extra hours may be carried forward to fulfill the next year’s continuing education requirements. Records should be kept by each pharmacist as evidence, if ever needed, of compliance with Alabama Pharmacy Board Code.

The Board may request proof of continuing education credit, and it must be submitted within thirty days of inquiry. A pharmacist may not be under investigation but simply part of the audit process that is intended to ensure code compliance. If you are the subject of an Alabama Pharmacy Board action or audit, Kreps Law Firm can form your response to meet Alabama Pharmacy Board demands and protect your license.

Time extensions for gaining the required continuing education may be granted by the Pharmacy Board. Kreps Law Firm will file your extension if you are not up to date on your education credits. We will help you complete the necessary steps to be in compliance with Pharmacy Board Code. Those who have lapsed for five years or less are eligible for license reinstatement once proof of continuing education is filed with the Alabama Pharmacy Board.

Never ignore a request for information or proof of continuing education from the Pharmacy Board. Failure to comply with Pharmacy Board requests or providing misleading information can lead to revocation or suspension of your pharmacist license. Kreps Law Firm will help you respond to all Pharmacy Board requests and represent you at Alabama Pharmacy Board hearings.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 680-X-2-.36.