The Alabama Pharmacy Board requires that each licensed Pharmacy Technician complete at least three hours of continuing education in each calendar year. This requirement must be met in order to have biennial license renewal approved by the Pharmacy Board. If you submit for renewal, you are providing confirmation that you have met continuing education requirements. This represents fraud if you have not completed the requirements.

Kreps Law Firm will help you if your license is under review with the Pharmacy Board due to your representation of your continuing education performance. We have vast experience with the Pharmacy Board and can negotiate a settlement of your case that enables you to complete the required education hours and retain your Pharmacy Technician license.

Continuing education hours can be a combination of distance learning and live attendance, but at least one hour must be a personally attended course. Keeping careful record of your education achievements will make it simple to provide documentation if requested by the Pharmacy Board.

Your supervising pharmacist will guide you in choosing the best classes and those that are Pharmacy Board approved. With good class choices and record keeping, you can successfully respond to Pharmacy Board requests and audits.

If you are struggling to respond to a Pharmacy Board notification, Kreps Law Firm will help. With an extension of time and course documentation, we will ensure that you meet your continuing education requirements as a Pharmacy Technician.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 680-X-2-.37.