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If you have been arrested, don’t make any statements to the police or prosecution. Contact an experienced lawyer at Kreps Law Firm, LLC, to ensure your rights are protected. I provide legal services to clients who are in need of representation in any of the following criminal matters:

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Traffic Tickets

Whether facing a ticket for reckless driving, speeding, or other traffic ticket, it is critical that you understand the impact a single ticket may cause. In Alabama, points are assessed to your license for each traffic violation. Accumulation of too many points will result in a driver’s license suspension, increase car insurance premiums, fines, and other penalties. If you have been issued a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, I can help you challenge the ticket and preserve your driving privileges.

Drunk Driving DUI Charges

Many people arrested for drunk driving don’t realize that if they miss the 10 day deadline for the administrative hearing on their DUI charge, their Alabama driver’s license will most likely be suspended, or in some cases, revoked. THIS IS IMPORTANT: DON’T MISS YOUR 10 DAY DEADLINE!

If you have failed a field sobriety test or had blood alcohol content (BAC) which exceeded the legal limit, I can help. I dedicate a significant portion of my practice to defending clients facing DUI charges. Through my years of experience, I recognize the effective methods to aggressively defend your DUI charge. I strive to preserve your driver’s license and protect your future by reducing or eliminating the charges against you and ultimately minimizing potential DUI penalties. Even if you refused to submit to a breathalyzer, it is critical to speak to an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Why should I hire Kreps Law Firm, LLC instead of representing myself for a ticket?

You get excellent legal representation and reduce the time spent at the courthouse, eliminate unnecessary trips to the courthouse, eliminate anxiety and hassle, and you increase your chances of a favorable outcome. This is why most lawyers who do not regularly practice in this area, including criminal lawyers, hire their own Alabama traffic ticket attorneys. Because of our specialized knowledge of the law and procedures, and familiarity with judges, police, prosecutors and court personnel, lawyers know that traffic ticket attorneys such as Kreps Law Firm, LLC, dramatically increase the chances of a favorable outcomes.

Effects of Criminal Convictions

A criminal conviction will leave a lasting imprint in your future. In addition the criminal penalties, you may face employment challenges, restrictions from carrying a firearm, inability to vote, or other challenges. Regardless of the charges before you, it is critical to have an experienced criminal defense attorney representing your rights.

If you have been charged with any traffic violation, contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC 24 hours a day-7 days a week to speak with an experienced lawyer. You may have made a mistake, but you still have options. Call toll-free (866) 347-2889.