Denial of Renewal or Reinstatement

As you can imagine, the code of the Alabama State Board of Nursing is written with many reasons enumerated as grounds for discipline of an Alabama nursing license – grounds for denial of renewal or reinstatement. If you have received notice of a disciplinary action or denial of license renewal, you need an experienced team on your side who understands the details of this code and can stand up for you. Kreps Law Firm is your partner in understanding the Alabama Nursing Code and helping you maintain your license.

The Alabama State Board of Nursing has the right to fine licensees as a disciplinary measure, as well as suspend or revoke licenses. You do not have to accept a notification of one of these actions as the final word on the matter. Kreps Law Firm will stand up for you with professional expertise in the nursing industry and detailed understanding of the State Nursing Code.

Certain actions are likely to become grounds of disciplinary action. Receiving your license under falsified pretenses is a common issue leading to Nursing Board action. If you have any deception or forgery in your license application, this can lead to suspension at any time later in your career. Failing to include information about past criminal activity, in the fear that it will cause license denial, will result in license revocation upon discovery of the information.

A crime committed after licensure can also result in license suspension or revocation. It is not only felonies that can affect your nursing license. The Nursing Board determines whether the crime indicates incompetency to continue in the work of nursing, rather than basing it on the category of the crime. Those crimes involving theft, drugs, violence, fraud, and sexual offenses are most likely to result in Board action regarding your license. If you find yourself in this situation, Kreps Law Firm will help you clear your character, your record, and maintain your license.

An addiction to any drug or alcohol can result in one being found unfit for nursing duties. The addiction need not be to an illegal drug, but a habit that causes the user to be incompetent on the job can lead to disciplinary action. Kreps Law Firm will help you demonstrate your competency and have your license reinstated. If you have tested positive for drugs or alcohol on the job or have received a disciplinary notice, call us before taking other action.

Other issues that can lead to disciplinary action:

  • Failure to complete continuing education
  • Demonstrating incompetency on the job
  • Patient abuse
  • Refusing drug test or monitoring
  • Failing to respond to Nursing Board notices
  • Failure to pay fines, fees, or scholarship funds that require repayment

If you have received correspondence from the Alabama State Nursing Board, contact Kreps Law Firm today. We will assist you in responding promptly and appropriately to notices, disciplinary actions, and license denials, so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.03