One of the most challenging situations that an Alabama pharmacist must deal with is emergency prescription refills. In these cases, patients are in desperate need of their medication but do not have the required prescription to obtain it. How Alabama pharmacists handle emergency prescription refills can be very difficult. A pharmacist must maintain professionalism and help the patient while abiding by strict rules that regulate prescription medications.

Kreps Law Firm is dedicated to helping Alabama pharmacists who find themselves in this difficult position or who become the subject of the Alabama Pharmacy Board action due to an emergency refill situation. If you have received a notification from the Alabama Pharmacy Board regarding a violation, contact us to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Know Your Rights

It is essential to understand what an Alabama pharmacist can and cannot do under these circumstances. If a pharmacist has a patient requesting medication that they are unable to obtain a refill prescription for, they are permitted to provide a single emergency refill. This refill prescription may only include an adequate amount of medicine to last the patient 72 hours. Within that time, they are expected to obtain a refill authorization.

This emergency refill can only be provided one time and cannot be applied to Schedule II substances. To create an emergency refill order, the Alabama pharmacist writes the prescription and notifies the overseeing doctor within 72 hours. With this convenient emergency procedure in place, patients get the medicine they need and pharmacists abide by the Professional Code of Conduct.

If your actions as a pharmacist have been questioned by the Alabama Pharmacy Board regarding an emergency refill situation, contact Kreps Law Firm to provide your successful defense and maintain your professional reputation in the face of Pharmacy Board action.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code §34-23-75.