A contested case before the Alabama Board of Nursing is sometimes settled informally, without the need for a hearing or long, drawn out process. In these cases, having an experienced attorney at your side can ensure the best result for you. Kreps Law Firm has expertise in Nursing Code and negotiation of informal dispositions of disciplinary actions.

Instead of a hearing process, informal cases go through one of several alternative processes, such as arbitration, conference, or other agreed to resolution method. This may seem like a simpler process than a formal hearing, but it is still essential to have a professional to guide you through whichever process is chosen and to advocate for you before the Nursing Board.

Instead of filing motions, subpoenas, or continuances, as we would do for you in a formal hearing process, Kreps Law Firm will serve as your expert in the wide variety of informal processes that could be chosen. In either process, our main objective is to settle your case in the way that is most advantageous to you. We will work for a dismissal of your case and immediate license reinstatement. We are dedicated to you and the continuance and success of your career.

When problems or disagreement arise between you and the Board officials, Kreps Law Firm serves as your mediator and guide throughout the process. We will ensure that all of your filings and applications fulfil all Nursing Board requirements in order to avoid additional delays and problems. Without professional help, it is easy to fall into noncompliance issues that will cause delays and difficulties in your case. Kreps Law Firm will ensure that these problems do not arise on your side.

Through our broad experience with informal dispute resolution, Kreps Law Firm will gain the best possible outcome from your case with the Nursing Board.

Instead of a formal verdict as would be reached in a formal hearing, those involved in informal cases will not be rendered a guilty or not guilty verdict. A customized Agreement will be reached with stipulations for license reinstatement that all parties approve. During this stage it is essential to have an expert attorney on your side to confirm that the Agreement includes steps to license reinstatement that are fair and reasonable to you, our client.

Nothing is more important to us than helping our clients be fully reinstated in their nursing license. If you have an informal proceeding scheduled to settle a case involving your nursing license, contact Kreps Law Firm to keep your nursing license and get back to work. Your hours of hard work and training are too valuable to be thrown away. We understand your dedication to patients and desire to resolve your case and return to more important matters. The experts at Kreps Law Firm will help you succeed in your case so that you can focus on your career.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.08