Written By:  Joseph C. Kreps, Lawyer for Alabama Criminal Charges

The Early Years

Many years ago before graduating from high school, I would sit and think about what I would be when I grow up.  I wanted to be a doctor.  I knew that for sure.  All of the previous thoughts I had and actions I took related to this decision always pointed in the direction of becoming a physician.  As a matter of fact, I was so very sure that right after high school and again in college I traveled to and participated in medical mission trips to Vietnam and also to Belize.

Looking Back

Looking back on it, those experiences have certainly shaped who I am as a person today.  The experience has shaped how I view problems and the help that I can provide people.  My perspective is unique and can give them in dealing with their problems.  When you have roamed the jungles of Vietnam and Belize helping people, many of whom have never seen a doctor, your entire perspective on life and the problems we deal with is changed.  Forever.

The Leader of the Pack

I have always been a leader of the pack.  I have always been out in front and believed in my heart that being first was the only option.  In my book, to compete meant to be number one.  I started working hard at a very young age.  I would do anything and everything I could to have a positive impact on the people around me.

I started a business when I was still in middle school and was making pretty good money even as a youngster. The skills and the drive and the determination that my parents ingrained in me proved to be one of the most valuable assets to me and my future.  Watching my parents work hard helped me to develop the skills and the drive to have had the opportunity and the ability to help so many people through the amazing law firm that I have built today.

Watching my parents work hard was definitely a life-changer for me.  My dad left college early after a parent died and soon after another passed away and he was home working in the family business helping to raise his siblings.  My mother went back to Nursing School in her 30’s with 4 children and had a long and successful career as a nurse in Alabama.  Having great examples of work ethic and how to work hard and do the right thing certainly has been a major factor in my ability to help as many people as I have had the honor and the privilege to care for and assist in my practice as a Lawyer for Alabama Criminal Charges.

All Set for Medical School

I was all set to go to medical school.  I was taking the right classes, getting to know the right people and making the right connections.  I was very active at the University of Alabama, was an officer in several organizations and was building a resume that would certainly guarantee me a spot in medical school. In addition to medical mission trips, I was volunteering regularly and working in the medical field.  When I was 17, I began working part-time as a nursing assistant in various hospitals throughout Alabama in order to gain knowledge and experience and insight into the practice of medicine.  I loved it.  I loved helping people and working hard and long hours.

There were many nights working at the hospitals where I would be up all night at work (and sometimes 16 hours at a time with 2 shifts) and then go to class at 8 a.m. the next morning still in my scrubs.  That is all I knew and how I wanted it.  Hard work pays off and the satisfaction and life experience that I gained from working in those hospitals and helping those people cannot be found anywhere else.  I would then go to class for most of the day and then sleep for a few hours and get up and go back to work and do it all over again.  This was how I wanted it. I was trying to create and simulate the type of perseverance and work ethic I would need to display in order to make it in medical school and as a physician.

Some Doors Closing and Others Opening Wide

As I worked into my junior year of college, there were doors that started to close and others were opening.  Things were happening that had no explanation.  As more doors continued to open, I realized quickly that my calling was not to be a physician but was to become a lawyer.  The mission that I was on to go to medical school was special. I had a purpose and I knew what the purpose was and how to fulfill it.  The problem in the scenario is that I was trying to push my agenda and what I wanted to do and not what God would have me do – God wanted me to be a lawyer.  He showed me then and he shows me today – hundreds of times a day in the situations He puts me in, the people He calls me to lead, and the conversations I have as a Lawyer for Alabama Criminal Charges.

A Lawyer is Born

I wasn’t really sure when I made the decision to become a lawyer what type of law I would practice or what type of clients I would be called to help.  What I do know is that if I had gone to medical school I probably would not have met my wife (who is a pharmacist and was studying at McWhorter School of Pharmacy at Samford) and I probably or most certainly would not have formed the bonds and the relationships that I have with both my professors from law school and also from my fellow lawyers that I was in law school with at Cumberland at Sanford University in Birmingham.

Needless to say, I did very well in law school. I was selected as a member of the Cumberland Law Review which is one of most prestigious things you can do as a law student. I studied hard and learned how to be a lawyer and certainly changed the way that I viewed the world and the lens that I perceived problems and solutions.  I wouldn’t trade my time at Cumberland and that experience for anything and it certainly has helped to be a better person and a better Lawyer for Alabama Criminal Charges.

Beginning the Practice of Law

After graduating from law school and immediately passing the bar exam, I had many great opportunities lined up to use my law degree. During one of the summer clerkships that I was able to obtain with a very prestigious Alabama law firm, I made the decision very quickly that I wanted to represent people.  I love people.  I love helping people solve problems and work through uncomfortable and many times, life changing situations that we find ourselves in.  I worked for a law firm all through law school and of course, had an offer to continue my employment there as a lawyer.  After becoming licensed, things changed and I began the law firm that bears my name.

How it all Ties Together

I decided after passing the bar to forego the opportunities that I had at established law firms and decided to leave and start my own firm. I had been building a book of business for quite some time and was able to leave and essentially transfer that business. I wouldn’t say that I ever hung out a shingle because I had everything in place and was fully established prior to ever leaving the position that I had.

Now many years later and 6,000+ cases later, Kreps Law Firm, LLC is a very well-established Alabama law firm focusing on areas of law that we are 100% passionate about and that we take very seriously.  The law firm has never been and never will be just a J.O.B. – this is our life’s work and our passion.

Handling the type of work we do whether it is DUI defense, nursing board defense, pharmacy board defense, traffic violation defense, or drug or general criminal defense, gives us a great feeling of accomplishment because we are helping those people that need us the most.  When we are talking to a client who has charges pending and is scared, we know where they are because we have been down that road with 1,000’s of other clients as well.  When we are dealing with a nurse, I personally know where they are coming from because I have worked long hours in hospitals across Alabama.  I have worked in the emergency room.  I have that experience.  I watched my mom work as a nurse for many years.

In our dealings with Pharmacists, Pharmacy Owners and Pharmacy Technicians, I know where they are personally because many years of my life have been spent alongside my wife who is a pharmacist and my sister who is also a pharmacist.  Any time we take on any of these type cases it is much more than just a client or case to us.  We are entrusted with a person, a fellow human being, a future and we fight for our clients day in and day out.

The Next Generation

Both of my sons seem destined to become lawyers as well.  I would never make them choose a certain profession but I see it in them. They both will have many opportunities and they get to choose what they do and what profession they ultimately select.  When you know you have been called to certain tasks or a profession for your entire life, you see certain characteristics and qualities in your children as the grow.  I have spent a lot of time reflecting, searching and figuring out how this thing called life works.  Watching my children grow and how they react and think sure is an indicator to me that they have great legal minds!

As my sons have grown up, I see qualities in them that confirm the fact that we have God-given talents and abilities related to the practice of law.  I say this not to brag or boast but to let you know who we are. I am talking about the certain way we are supposed to think to get the best results for our clients.  The unique and different angle that we take when looking at a problem and searching for a solution.

There is no doubt I have spent hundreds of hours in specialized training after law school, graduated from a top law school in the State and we continue our training today. Those God-given talents and abilities coupled with a great law school, a genuine God-given desire to help other people, and continuing education and training, makes for a great life as a lawyer.  It really is a joy to get up every day and love what I do.  It matters.  It is life – my life and the lives of my clients.

Why Our Story Matters

Why does all of this matter you might ask?  Because you matter.  We want you to know who we are. Where we come from.  Our life experience.  Our dreams.  Our passion.  Our mission.  Why?  Because we want to know yours so we can help you.  By pouring our time and our energy into you and your life and your case.  This stuff matters to us.  Big time.

Begin the conversation with us today.  All you need to do is call – we are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and 365 days out of the year.  (866) 359-0801