When filing documentation with the Alabama Pharmacy Board, it is essential to pay close attention to due dates and time limits. In order to avoid fees, penalties, and possible license suspension, timely filing of required paperwork is vitally important. If you need help filing proper documentation with the Alabama Pharmacy Board, Kreps Law Firm can help. We are educated in the Pharmacy Board Code and will help you meet all board requirements.

Renewal of licenses require proper filing and submission of renewal fee no later than December 31 of the applicable year. If you miss this deadline, your license will lapse and you will face a penalty for late documentation filing with the Alabama Pharmacy Board. Extra fees and potential audit of your fulfillment of requirements is possible if you allow your license to lapse. Kreps Law Firm will help you return to good standing with the Pharmacy Board if your license has lapsed.

If you renew by January 31 of the year following your December 31 renewal date, an administrative penalty of 50% of your original renewal fee will be charged. When this additional fee is paid and renewal is completed no more than one month late, disciplinary action can generally be avoided.

Beyond the first month of license lapse, the Pharmacy Board may set additional requirements in order to successfully renew your Alabama Pharmacist license. Kreps Law Firm has extensive expertise working with the Pharmacy Board in Alabama and will be your advocate in completing your late license renewal.

Other documentation requests received by the Alabama Pharmacy Board must also be responded to promptly within the number of days allowed in the notification. Responses are best made through certified mail, giving you documentation of receipt date. If you have any questions about required filings and documentation requests from the Alabama Pharmacy Board, contact Kreps Law Firm.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 680-X-2-.40.