Pharmacy License is Revoked

The Alabama Pharmacy Board has the ability to revoke or suspend your pharmacist license as a non-disciplinary action if they have any reason to believe that an investigation should take place. If this happens to you, do not attempt to fight your case alone. The experienced lawyers at Kreps Law Firm will help you know what to do if your Alabama pharmacy license is revoked under non-disciplinary action and will also work to retain your license and close your case in your favor.

Upon receiving notice that your Alabama Pharmacy License is on probation or has been suspended or revoked, contact Kreps Law Firm immediately. Prompt attention to your case will lead to the timely settling of your case, so that you can get back to work.

Alabama Licenses can be revoked under this Pharmacy Board action if evidence exists that you may be guilty of one of several possible offenses. These offenses include the filing of a fraudulent application to receive your pharmacist license, improper dispensing of drugs, or a felony conviction. Action may also be taken by the Board if they receive notification that you may be unfit for your pharmacist duties in any way, such as a conviction of a non-felony that detrimentally affects your pharmacist duties. Evidence of drug or alcohol use or illness may also result in action by the Alabama Pharmacy Board.

Each of these instances require further investigation, but the Pharmacy Board may place your license in suspension while your case is active. This makes it vital that you have specialists like those at Kreps Law Firm on your side to keep your case moving steadily toward a favorable end.

When considering your case, The Alabama Pharmacy Board will be looking for evidence of your ability to work for the benefit of your patients’ health and safety. Kreps Law Firm is dedicated to establishing your reputation as a skilled pharmacist with high regard for those you serve. The objective in these instances is to prove that you are more than capable of performing your job with adequate skills to ensure patient safety. With our experience behind you, Kreps Law Firm will show the Alabama Pharmacy Board that you are more than worthy of the license that you worked diligently to receive.

The Board may use psychological or physical exams as determining factors regarding your ability to work. Before completing these exams, it is in your best interest to consult with Kreps Law Firm to ensure that you are fully prepared to meet the Alabama Pharmacy Board requirements. The cost of these exams is legally the responsibility of the Pharmacy Board; therefore, you should not pay any charges for them.

If you have been deemed unsuitable for your Alabama pharmacist practice, contact Kreps Law Firm. We will work tirelessly to see this decision reversed and your license reestablished. Physical and psychological exams that are performed for a case under appeal are the responsibility of the pharmacist. Be careful to choose reputable doctors for your exams to ensure their acceptance as evidence by the Alabama Pharmacy Board. Kreps Law Firm will guide you through this process to avoid any objections from the Board.

Refusals to appear or fraudulent statements made to the Alabama Pharmacy Board will result in revocation or suspension of your license. Rather than ignoring Board notices or attempting to falsify statements to avoid action, let Kreps Law Firm be your advocate and guide. We will be your partner in retaining your Alabama Pharmacist Licence.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code §34-23-33.