Revoked Nursing License Reinstated

Do you need help with reinstatement of a revoked Alabama Nursing License? Kreps Law Firm, LLC Alabama Nursing license defense lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you get your nursing license reinstated following revocation. The process for giving an Alabama Nurse the best opportunity for success in the reinstatement of a revoked Alabama Nursing license begins long before the 12 month required period has passed. The 12 month period that must pass pursuant to the Alabama Nursing Board Code allows the nurse to then file the required documents for reinstatement of your Alabama nursing license. In order to ensure that this process goes smoothly and has the desired result, you should employ the professional assistance of the Alabama Nurse Defense Lawyers at Kreps Law Firm.

Unless another time period is stated in your revocation order or agreement, you can have your nursing license reinstated after one year. You will need to apply for a nursing license, plus include some extra documentation to satisfy the requirements due to your revocation.

The first item you will need to include with your application is a letter explaining the circumstances of your license revocation and what you have done to remedy the issues that led to having your license removed. This letter should demonstrate that you understand the reasons for your license revocation and have taken steps to ensure that they will not become a problem again. Kreps Law Firm will formulate this letter with professional skill to impress those reviewing your application.

Revoked Nursing License Reinstated

The next document that should be included with your application to have your revoked nursing license reinstated is your proof of continuing education. The Nursing Board will want to see that you have not allowed your skills to lapse during the period when your license was revoked. Continuing education may also have been required as part of your case when the revocation occurred. If specific courses or topics were required, be sure to complete them before applying for your reinstated nursing license.

With your application, include evidence that you currently fulfil all nursing license requirements. Certifications, proof of education completion, and any other documentation required to establish your readiness for licensure should be included. If you are not sure what you need to include, contact Kreps Law Firm for a consultation regarding your license reinstatement.

The next item that is specific to license reinstatements are letters of recommendation from five unrelated persons. These letters or affidavits are intended to give personal testimony regarding your ability to return to nursing work, your dedication to continued education, and your resolution of the problems that led to your license being revoked. The five people cannot be related to you, but medical professionals would make great references if you can obtain them. Kreps Law Firm will be your partner in reestablishing yourself and your reputation in order to regain your nursing license.

Revoked Nursing License Reinstated

When your license was revoked, you may have been issued an Order or Agreement by the Nursing Board. Requirements for reinstatement that are particular to your individual case would be included in this paperwork. For example, if your license was revoked due to testing positive for drugs or alcohol, your Order may require that proof of completion of an approved rehabilitation program be included with your application for license reinstatement. If you are unsure of your individual requirements based on your Nursing Board Order, contact Kreps Law Firm for the help you need. We will evaluate your specific Order or Agreement and ensure that your application meets all requirements.

Your application should also include any personal information that has changed since your license was revoked. For more information on successfully having your nursing license reinstated after it has been revoked, contact Kreps Law Firm, your Alabama Nursing Code experts.

Based on Alabama State Board of Nursing Code 610-X-8-.11