Kreps Law Firm strives to help clients understand Alabama Pharmacy Board requirements for an Alabama pharmacist license including the requirements for the obtaining and maintaining of this license. We are your partner in any communications or interactions that you have with the Alabama Pharmacy Board. To become a pharmacist in Alabama, you need to fulfill specific qualifications and complete an application or fulfill requirements through a reciprocal agreement through licensure in another state.

When you apply for your Alabama Pharmacist License, you must be prepared to take the state mandated examination. Your application and registration fee, along with two up-to-date personal photos, provide your access to the exam. The pictures must be notarized and within the dimensions of 2 ½” x 3 ¼” to prove your identity.

Other Basic Pharmacy License Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 19 years old
  • Hold professional pharmacy degree
  • Citizen of the U.S. (or legally present)
  • Completed practical pharmacy training

A professional pharmacy degree must be from a school that has been accredited by the Alabama Pharmacy Board. These schools are specifically chosen for their adherence to state standards for pharmacist education requirements.

Practical training is most often obtained through an internship under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist during the schooling program. In fact, you must be a student in order to work as a pharmaceutical intern. At the end of your internship, the licensed pharmacist will provide you with an affidavit as evidence of your fulfillment of this requirement. For more information on this work requirement, contact Kreps Law Firm to speak to a lawyer who has experience working with the Alabama Pharmacy Board Code.

Passing the Pharmacy Board exam is the most significant step to earning your Pharmacist License once your educational requirements are fulfilled. The examination is developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy for the State of Alabama. Three attempts to pass the exam may be made within the three year period following your first exam attempt. If you have not passed the exam within three attempts, let Kreps Law Firm assist you in gaining eligibility with the Alabama Pharmacy Board to be allowed an additional attempt. Cheating on the test through any means may make you ineligible for a Pharmacist License.


Obtaining your Alabama Pharmacist’s License may be simplified if you are previously licensed in another state. Alabama accepts licensure in states with which reciprocal licensing agreements have been reached for the purposes of an Alabama license.

If you are a licensed pharmacist in another state, Kreps Law Firm will help you become licensed in Alabama as quickly and efficiently as possible. Examination may not be required after affidavits of experience, character, and work performance are provided. Standards of the National Association of the Boards of Pharmacy will be used to determine your qualification for a reciprocal license. As experts in Pharmacy Board Code, Kreps Law Firm can help you understand and evaluate the differences in various states’ requirements versus the national standard.

Those applying for reciprocity undergo an interview with two or more members of the Alabama Pharmacy Board who evaluate the fulfillment of licensure requirements. Kreps Law Firm will help you fully prepare for success in this interview.

With Kreps Law Firm as your partner and experienced Pharmacy Board lawyer, you can have your Pharmacist License and be on your way to your new career as soon as possible.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code §34-23-51.