The role of a supervising pharmacist in Alabama and in any pharmacy includes several important duties that they are responsible for. Everything that occurs within the pharmacy is under the supervision of the licensed pharmacist, from controlling access to the facilities to directing technicians. The supervising pharmacist for each pharmacy in operation must be on file with the Alabama Pharmacy Board.

An Alabama pharmacy must be directly overseen by the supervising pharmacist for at least 30 hours each week, or half of the time that it is open. Any change of supervising pharmacist must also be filed with the Alabama Pharmacy Board within 10 days of the change. The name of the supervising pharmacist must also be clearly posted at the facility.

Pharmacists are responsible for inventories, pharmacy personnel, prescription management, facility security, and record keeping. Any task in these categories undertaken by another party, such as a pharmacy technician, may only be done with the direct supervision of the pharmacist. In their role as supervisor, pharmacists are responsible for ensuring that each licensed technician or pharmacist working within the facility maintains their license and continuing education up to Pharmacy Board standards.

Consultations of patients may only be performed by a licensed pharmacist. Only the pharmacist is authorized to accept phone prescriptions. A pharmacy may not operate for more than 90 days without a designated supervising pharmacist.

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Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 680-X-2-.12.