Alabama Pharmacy Technicians are licensed to work within a pharmacy environment without the stringent requirements that are placed on licensed pharmacists.  Since they lack the high level of education of Alabama pharmacists, technicians must remain under direct supervision. If you are unclear, or wonder “What are the requirements to be an Alabama pharmacy technician?”,  here are some important things to know. Though technicians can obtain their license with a basic high school education, there are continuing education requirements that they must fulfill in order to maintain their Alabama Pharmacy Technician license.

Each year, pharmacy technicians in Alabama must attend three hours of continued education. One hour of this requirement must be fulfilled in a live presentation, as opposed to an online or written platform. The Alabama supervising pharmacist may help the technicians that they direct choose the courses that can most benefit them.

The supportive role of the pharmacist for the pharmacy technician is essential. The technician cannot perform any functions relating to prescriptions without the direct supervision of the licensed pharmacist, making the pharmacist responsible for the work of the technician.

The Alabama Pharmacy Technician is solely responsible for their own license and fees to remain registered with the Alabama Pharmacy Board. Their license must be renewed biennially in odd-numbered years by paying the Pharmacy Board a determined fee.

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Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 34-23-131.