If you would like to work in a pharmacy in Alabama, you may be confused about the requirements for being employed in this setting. These rules and regulations are set by the Alabama Pharmacy Board. Kreps Law Firm is here to help you understand them.

Those considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry may strive to be licensed pharmacists. These are the people who are licensed to handle and distribute prescription drugs. Pharmacies often employ pharmacy interns and technicians who work with pharmacists and under their supervision. Interns are those gaining practical experience as part of their school program to earn a professional pharmacist degree. Pharmacy technicians are licensed but do not require the extensive education that pharmacists must complete.

You may wonder what is the role of technicians in Alabama pharmacies? Pharmacy technicians work under the direct supervision of licensed pharmacists and are not empowered to fill prescriptions or handle medications on their own. Up to three technicians may work with a licensed pharmacist at a time. This limits the strain of directly supervising too many people while performing pharmacist duties. The limitation is also intended to protect public health and well being.

The tasks performed by pharmacy technicians are bound by regulations created by the Alabama Pharmacy Board. Technicians are not to make judgments regarding patient cases, take receipt of controlled substances, or accept, change or provide prescriptions to patients.  Counseling of patients can only be done by the licensed pharmacist on duty, while the technician acts as an assistant and only completes tasks that do not require the pharmacist’s professional judgment. The pharmacist is also responsible for having controls and rules in place to ensure proper regulation of the technicians under their supervision.

Pharmacy Technician Requirements

  • Age 17 or older
  • Has not been denied for pharmacist license
  • Not part of Pharmacy Board disciplinary action

If you meet these requirements, you may submit an application to the Board of Pharmacy requesting a pharmacy technician license.

Once you have received your license and are employed as a pharmacy technician, Pharmacy Board Code applies. Each pharmacy technician must:

  • Wear identification as technician while working.
  • Send in change of employment notification within 10 days of job change.
  • Register and renew license biennially in odd-numbered years.
  • Complete three hours of continuing education each year.

Though there is not an education requirement for obtaining a pharmacy technician license, the Alabama Pharmacy Board may decline an application if there is evidence of poor character, code violation, felony conviction, drug use, or fraud.

If you have been denied a pharmacy technician license or have had it revoked by the Alabama Pharmacy Board, contact Kreps Law Firm today. We are lawyers who have experience with the Alabama Pharmacy Board Code and can help you get back to work.

Based on Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 680-X-2-.14.