The Alabama Pharmacy Board has the authority to rescind or suspend any pharmacy technician license based on their evaluation of the licensee’s qualifications.  If you have received notification of a hearing or that your license has been placed on probation, you need a skilled Alabama Pharmacy Technician Defense Attorney to work for you.  Kreps Law Firm attorneys have years of experience in Alabama Pharmacy Board Code, and we are dedicated to helping you.

Any activity that is deemed to put public health and well-being at risk could cause the revocation of your pharmacy technician license. The Board has specifically codified several instances that can lead to a licensee’s placement on probation. If you are uncertain about the regulations regarding a specific activity, call Kreps Law Firm for assistance.

If the Alabama Pharmacy Board determines that you obtained your license with a fraudulent application, they may decide to place your license in suspension while it is under review. Any misrepresentation at all is considered fraud in this case, so you should complete your application as honestly as possible.

The Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act includes many regulations regarding certain classes of drugs. Any violation of this law can result in Pharmacy Board action regarding your license. A felony conviction is also likely to bring your license under Board review. Even a misdemeanor that is determined to include an offense that indicates a lack of moral character or a lack of concern for public health can cause your license to be placed under probation.

Due to the nature of pharmacy technician duties, convictions that involve drug use or related offenses are frequently brought to Pharmacy Board attention. In a serious interaction like this, you need the help of legal expertise. Kreps Law Firm has devoted many years to helping people in situations like yours, and we can assist you too.

See Alabama Pharmacy Board Code § 34-23-132.