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We care about our clients. We have a very sophisticated process that allows us to keep our clients well informed while also allowing us the necessary technological tools in order to get the best results possible in an efficient and timely manner.


We have been handling DUI, traffic, drug and professional board defense matters in Alabama for more than a decade. We have helped thousands of fellow citizen’s work through criminal charges and administration issues related to their professional license or related to their driver’s license. We can help you too.

The great thing about working with us on your case in Alabama is that there is not a situation or a problem that could come up that we have not seen before. In handling 6,000+ cases in Alabama we have the experience needed to help you. And the great thing about us is you don’t have to take our word for it. You can click on the link below and see where more than 100 of our actual previous clients have taken the time to review our office and tell you about their positive experience with us. This is far greater than any number that is even close. Even though you may think that your case is hopeless, that is not the way that we think. We take our responsibility as criminal defense attorneys very seriously and we’ll leave no stone unturned in our representation of you. Even if you think your case has no hope, there is no reason to throw your hands in the air and give up. We have handled very serious cases that initially appeared as though there would be no hope and no options whatsoever and ultimately great results were achieved for our clients.

We love our clients and our clients love us. Give us a chance to get to know you and to begin the conversation about your case. All you have to do to begin the conversation is send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kreps Law Firm, LLC:  A Highly Reputable Law Firm with Highly Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing traffic violations, DUI charges or any other criminal defense matters, it is important to seek the legal assistance from an experienced defense lawyer. You need to work with a highly educated and experienced lawyer who knows and understands you both emotionally and physically and who is concerned about your rights, interest and future. For this reason, you need an Alabama DUI attorney from Kreps Law Firm, LLC who has a technical knowledge in the defense of Alabama DUI charges and traffic violations.

Our main aim at Kreps Law Firm, LLC is to offer our esteemed clients with personalized, high quality legal services. We make a point of understanding our clients fully. At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, a DUI attorney is always on standby to assist you. Our staffs are highly trained in all legal matters and have an advanced knowledge that will increase your chance of winning a case. All what you need is to contact us and seek for a free consultation. Once you visit my firm, I will dedicate my time to assist you come up with an exclusive plan of action which suits your unique and specific situation.

Since my practice areas include common traffic violation, criminal justice and DUI issues that come up in my clients’ lives, as a professional Birmingham criminal defense lawyer I will be able to analyze the impact of a given issue. If you need the legal assistance of an Alabama DUI lawyer, drug crime defense lawyer or traffic violation lawyer, then my firm is the right place to seek legal assistance. Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC today via (866) 359-0801 for accountability, efficiency, professionalism and personal attention. The reason why you need to choose us is because we have handled hundreds and hundreds of cases and we have many years of experience.

Our highly experienced attorneys at Birmingham DUI Attorney are well trained and focus on DUI and Traffic defense. Due to our experience in DUI legal matters, we are ready to answer all your questions and assist you to defend your case. Once you choose use, your goal, management and planning of your DUI and traffic violation case will always be controlled by an experienced Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer. If you require our assistance, you can immediately contact us via our online intake form or free toll number (866) 359-0801. Once you contact us, we will be more than happy to provide you with free consultation where we shall extensively and deeply discuss all the issues surrounding your pending case. As your attorney, we shall assist you to develop an ongoing relationship that will help us to effectively and efficiently handle your Alabama traffic violation and DUI defense case.

As a highly experienced Alabama traffic ticket attorney, DUI and criminal attorney, I understand the importance of securing a defense representation with a court of law. My commitment as a DUI attorney is to protect the rights and interest of my client. Through my smart approach to each case, constant communication and handwork, my clients are able to develop confidence in the legal representation I offer. My practice as an Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney is concentrated on:

  • Alabama Criminal Defense
  • Alabama Drunk Driving (DUI) charges
  • Traffic tickets
  • Drug Charges
  • Alabama Board of Nursing Defense
  • Alabama Board of Pharmacy Defense
  • Alabama Professional Board Defense

By effectively combining the personalized legal service of a small Alabama law firm and the legal representation found at a large law firm, I have earned a good customer loyalty and reputation among my former clients and peers. If you require my legal service, contact me via (866) 359-0801 for experienced DUI, criminal defense and traffic ticket representation.