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Most people that receive an Alabama Traffic Ticket give up too soon and go ahead and pay their ticket. Keys SuccessMost people choose not to fight Alabama traffic tickets until it is too late and much more expensive because they have racked up several. There are many reasons why you should fight an Alabama traffic ticket, one of which is to protect your clean record. If you start paying traffic tickets and continue to receive them, it makes it much more difficult to resolve those cases. You need to hire an Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer on the front end!

You do not want to be in the same situation as many of our clients who have multiple priors and are looking at drivers license suspensions and other negative consequences.

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If you have been charged with a traffic ticket in the state of Alabama, you definitely need an Alabama traffic ticket lawyer to assist you with your case. We have handled thousands of traffic tickets throughout the state of Alabama and we can help you too! Call today to speak with your Alabama traffic ticket lawyer in our office – you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – (866) 359-0801.

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Local Alabama police officers and Alabama State Troopers with the new Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are now out in full force and enforcing the traffic laws in the State of Alabama. Many cities and towns / municipalities are on heightened enforcement of Alabama traffic laws. If you have been charged with a traffic citation in the state of Alabama you need an Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer. All you have to do to begin the discussion with us about you and your case in Alabama is call our office.

Not Hiring an Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer and Simply Paying Your Ticket is Pleading Guilty

If you make the mistake of not hiring an Alabama traffic ticket lawyer and simply pay your ticket in person or online, you are pleading guilty. Do not make this mistake. Many people that we talk to throughout the month have already paid their ticket and then realize that they plead guilty whenever the conviction is reported to their home state Department of Public Safety and their drivers license is due to be suspended. Often times this happens when a notice is received from their insurance company that insurance rates are going up because of a conviction.

We want to give your case the consideration that it deserves and our heartfelt efforts in order to get you the best result possible! Our advice is based on the experience of handling thousands of Alabama charges. We will fight for you as your Alabama Traffic Ticket Lawyer until the very end – we are optimistic and zealous throughout your case.

The Traffic Ticket Process in Alabama is Criminal in Nature and Can Be Complicated for those that Do Not Have the Experience and Knowledge

One question that often comes up is why the process regarding Alabama traffic tickets is complicated, long and drawn out in some cases. The answer to that question is that the process in Alabama is criminal in nature and Alabama traffic tickets are criminal Traffic-5misdemeanors and not civil violations as they are in some other states.

The process can be complicated for someone without knowledge or experience because a speeding ticket in Alabama is set on the same docket as a DUI case and many times other types of misdemeanor charges as well.

Do Not Worry for One More Day – Do Not Face the Judge or the Prosecutor Alone

Our goal as your Alabama traffic ticket lawyer is to provide you with the best representation possible and work towards getting you the best outcome possible. Always remember that you have a presumption of innocence in your case. We want to help you achieve your goals and give you a positive approach moving forward as to your outcome for your traffic violation in Alabama. When you trust us and put your faith in us, we will go to work for you on your Alabama traffic or speeding ticket.

We do not want you to worry any longer about your case an Alabama. Do not face the Judge or the prosecutor alone without our experienced Alabama traffic ticket lawyer on your side.

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What does it mean to be driven? It means that we spend most of our daily lives practicing Alabama traffic law and fighting for our clients. Why do we do this? Because it is our goal and the mission of our lives to help people who are in trouble and in a bind and need help.

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What should you do next? Contact us for a free initial consultation regarding your Alabama traffic violation. We are here to serve you and to help you and to go over all of your options as it relates to your case an Alabama. You can click in the bottom right of the screen to live chat with us about your case or you can send us a message or feel free to call us at (866) 359-0801. We look forward to speaking with you about your Alabama case.