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Real client reviews from Avvo. Check out some of our happy clients below. This is just a small sample of our over 400+ 5-star reviews on Avvo.

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I am an out of state lawyer specializing in DUI and Criminal and I needed some help on a traffic matter for my wife. I looked around and decided to use Mr. Kreps. He was a tremendous help and I highly recommend him.

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My son got a ticket in Alabama. His license is from Ga. We paid the ticket but somehow his license was suspended. Ga never notified us. We found out that his license was suspended when he was stopped while in college in Kansas. Such drama! Spoke with Mr Kreps, hired him and the next day his license was reinstated. I am beyond happy. Thank you so much for helping us!

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I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone. Got my DUI dismissed for being under the legal limit. They were very reassuring during my entire process.

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I was in a very difficult predicament, and I found myself contacting Mr. Krep’s firm for the SECOND time in 2 years. To be honest, I thought I was about to have the hammer dropped on me, but Mr. Kreps and his team fought for me tooth and nail, utilized every aspect of the situation, and literally got me the BEST case scenario. I can’t even begin to describe how good of an outcome my trial ended up being. If you’re reading this and in need of a DUI lawyer, stop reading right now and contact the Kreps Law Firm. It will be the best decision you will make throughout this entire process. I know we all read reviews and think most of them are hogwash, but they literally saved my career, and I couldn’t be any more grateful for the hard work and dedication to me and my situation they provided.

Our Promise

We know you are in a difficult situation, and we want you to know that with Krep you don’t have to face it alone. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

We will aggressively defend you against all charges and do all within our power to give you the best outcome possible for your particular case.

We will communicate quickly and effectively to you throughout the process so you have peace of mind and understanding of what’s happening at each step.

We will use our experience and knowledge to create the best defense we can, always seeking the opportunity for dismissal, every chance we get.

We will strive to earn your trust and make this difficult experience as easy as possible by doing all we can to help you protect your good name.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you call Krep Law Firm or choose to book your free consulation online, you will receive a free review of your case from an experienced attorney who will help you understand exactly what you are facing and the penalties, if you are convicted. We’ll give you are opinion on what you next step should be so you can make the best decision to support the outcome you need. In some cases, you may have a relatively easy solution to your case that doesn’t need to involve a lawyer.

This depends on the charges. For most traffic violations you do not need to be present in court and an attorney from Kreps Law Firm can make all necessary appearances on your behalf. For more serious offenses, it really depends on the charge. Court appearances for misdemeanor charges can be made by your attorney, but for felony charges it is likely you will have to appear in court even if you live out of state. You should contact an attorney immediately to understand your options before your court date.

Any charge can be dismissed for a number of reasons. We have a extremely strong track record for DUI dismissal and getting traffic and speeding tickets dismissed, but we cannot guarantee that your charges will be dismissed. We first need to understand your particular case, how the arrest or citation occured and review the evidence that was filed by the police. For a free case evaluation, please contact us today to get answers to your questions.

Misdemeanors all carry penalties that can include jail time, but other factors are considered (criminal history, past offenses, etc). All felonies in Alabama include penalties that can include either jail time or time in prison. If you have a specific question about the charges you are facing, call Kreps now.

While we are not the “cheapest” option when it comes to legal services, we can promise you that we are the best choice for those who want legal representation from a firm with a strong track record and the type of experience proven to get results for clients. With 13,000+ charges resolved over the last 15 years, our 400+ 5-star reviews on Avvo speak for themselves.

Yes! We understand that life’s unexpected situations often leaves you unprepared. Our firm offers easy payment plans that means you can get the representation you need today, without paying for everything upfront. If you are interested in hiring Kreps Law Firm and would like to know how much it will cost, please call us today to get a free consultation so we can learn about your case.

Yes! Using a credit card to pay for your legal fees is often the easiest option for most people because you can get immediate representation at our best rates, while still having the ability to pay for your legal defense over time, making it a more affordable option for you.

Yes! You can see them all for yourself by visiting us on Avvo.

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